We support the development of short, medium and long-term strategic projects in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, so that they create jobs, generate wealth and improve the industrial competitiveness in the Autonomous Community of Aragon.

We are suppliers of mobile campaign equipment for more than 50 countries and different renowned organizations such as the UN, the US Marine Corps, the Brazilian army, the Chilean-Argentinean Peace Force and of course Spanish Ministry of Defence. From our production logistics centre In Aragon we have the capacity to act at an international level.

We encourage the development of teaching and contribute to the promotion of scientific research in Spanish Armed Forces. Likewise, CUD collaborates with political, economic, cultural and citizen institutions in order to promote solidarity and cultural and social development of all citizens.

We carry out projects of building and rehabilitation of buildings of almost zero consumption with a more energy efficient design standard, the Passivhaus. We manage to achieve self-sufficient buildings by incorporating environmental sustainability criteria and autonomous energy production systems.