Life monitors Zero Energy Mod

Zero Energy Mod is monitored by Life as part of the team’s annual visit.

The LIFE Program is the EU’s funding instrument for environment and climate action.
The project monitoring team is part of the external LIFE project team, contracted by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) as external assistance.

The task of the monitor is to act as a liaison between CINEA and the consortium partners, to evaluate the progress of the project and to serve as a point of contact to try to resolve all the doubts and questions that may arise for the partners during the life of the project.
To carry out this task, in addition to periodic remote monitoring, the monitoring team visits the project in person at least once a year.

In this case, this visit coincided with the middle of the Zero Energy Mod project and the transition between the design/construction and demonstration phases, so there was great interest in visiting the module installed in the first demo site.


The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) aims to help stakeholders implement the European Green Pact through high quality program management, which helps to deliver projects beneficial to decarbonization and sustainable growth.