Life Zero Energy Mod module works through photovoltaic panels

Life Zero Energy Mod module works through photovoltaic panels.

Currently we are at the Life Zero Energy Mod performing load testing of batteries and other equipment.
We are taking the opportunity to review the data we are monitoring and perform the first analyses.

Since last Friday, July 22nd, the Life Zero Energy Mod module is working in autonomous mode, covering the energy consumption thanks to the energy generated by the photovoltaic panels and stored in the batteries. Thus, the module was disconnected from the power grid and the demo in Zaragoza is operational.

The main objective of this project is to develop a robust, transportable and easy to install habitable module based on the Passivhaus standard, linked to renewable energy resources (photovoltaic and wind) and a hybrid storage system that combines the use of batteries with a seasonal solution based on hydrogen technology. This avoids the consumption of diesel, which is often used as an energy supply in isolated environments, and its associated emissions.

In addition, the modules require 90% less energy than existing modules and are self-sufficient, as the little energy they need to operate is generated and stored in the form of hydrogen.