Life Zero Energy Mod: Technical day with partners in Aragon Hydrogen Foundation

The Life Zero Energy Mod project continues to make good progress, adjusting the parameters of the hydrogen and renewable energy system to ensure its correct operation. Within this framework, a technical workshop was held with the project partners at the facilities of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation.

Monitoring: Key to the Success of the Habitable Module

Monitoring is a crucial aspect in projects such as Life Zero Energy Mod, as it allows real-time data collection on system performance and the detection of possible anomalies. This information is essential to optimise the operation of the habitable module and ensure its correct maintenance.

Collaboration and Experience Sharing

The technical workshop provided an excellent opportunity for the project partners to share their experience and expertise in hydrogen and renewable system monitoring. Topics such as the selection of suitable sensors, the configuration of data acquisition systems and the analysis of collected data were addressed.

Commitment to Sustainability

The Life Zero Energy Mod project aims to develop a prototype of an energy self-sufficient single-family house, using hydrogen and renewable energies as primary energy sources. This project is aligned with the European Union’s objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the transition to a low-carbon economy.