New developments in the project thanks to close cooperation between partners

On May 22nd, the three partners of the project, the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, the architectural firm B-Haus and the University Centre of Defence of Zaragoza (CUDZ) met at the facilities of the also partner, ARPA in Zaragoza. During the meeting, we had the opportunity to share impressions on the evolution of the initiative. We also had the opportunity to visit the modules. On the one hand, the ENERMOD module (energy module that supplies renewable energies and energy storage by means of batteries and hydrogen). And on the other, the PASSIVMOD (habitable module designed under PassivHaus standards). Both are the proposal to be integrated in the final module. The latter is currently in the construction phase.

During the day, it was demonstrated how the team’s efforts had been focused on the construction of these modules. And the work forecast for the coming months was concluded. In which, the month of August stands out. This is a key month as the equipment will be tested at ARPA.

Finally, in September, the project will be taken to the field to install the module in what will be the first demo: the facilities of the Army’s XXII Sapper Brigade, in Zaragoza.