Our project on the Energy Globe World Award nominee

Our project is nominated for the Energy Globe World Award. The ENERGY GLOBE Award is an environmental prize awarded annually in more than 180 countries by the Austrian-based non-profit foundation ENERGY GLOBE.

The award recognises projects that focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and the use of renewable energies. The aim is to highlight solutions to environmental problems.

The prize is awarded in the categories of: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. In the case of Life Zero Energy Mod, the project is in the “Air” category, which focuses on reducing emissions and improving air quality, the awards website explains.

The awards ceremony will take place on 25 January 2024 in Trondheim, Norway. The event will start with the conference “Net Zero Energy and Prosperity”. In addition, as a nominated project, you will have the opportunity to present to more than 150 guests from the 25 nominated projects in the different categories.