We participated in the VIII National Congress on R&D in Defence and Security (DESEi+d2020).

The challenges of our current world necessarily drive the research and development of technologies in the field of
Security and Defence. Due to its dual nature, there is a rich Defence Technological and Industrial Base, formed by the
University Defence Centres (CUD), the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA), universities, technology centres and companies, with technological
centres and companies, with technological capabilities that enable them to face new challenges that translate into technological, social and economic benefits for the Defence
technological, social and economic benefits for the Armed Forces and Security Forces, but also for all citizens.
For this reason, the National Defence and Security R&D Congress is held every year. Thanks to it, the capabilities, needs and interests are brought together to facilitate the necessary collaboration of this extensive Technological Base to face the challenges.

At the last edition on 25 November, Beatriz Rodríguez, professor and researcher at the Centro Universitario de la Defensa-AGM, presented a paper entitled “Analysis of the results of the energy characterisation of the Gabriel de Castilla Antarctic Base. Towards a new model of energy sustainability in the LSAs of the Spanish Army”. The conclusions of this work serve as a starting point for the design of the new habitable modules to be built with funding from the European Union within the LIFE Project 19CCM/ES/001327.

This eighth edition was held at the Basic Air Academy of Leon in a blended learning format. This venue is especially important because this year marks the centenary of the first four air bases, among which is the Military Aerodrome of León where the Basic Air Academy is located.